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The sound management of the entire production process, from selection of the blocks in the quarry to the care taken in creating products, allows to achieve the outstanding QUALITY of SENINI STONE products.

One of the most important technical characteristics of SENINI STONE materials is that the tiles are squared and rectified monocalibre. This increased precision of the dimensional characteristics means that laying systems with smaller joints can be used, guaranteeing more aesthetically-pleasing results in line with modern trends.

SENINI STONE offers quick responses, short production times and punctual customer service.

In addition to supplying flooring, cladding and marble pieces, SENINI STONE offers various necessary on-demand SERVICES to guide the client from design to job completion.

We work together with designers, companies and clients to provide the necessary information and tools during the supply process.

SENINI STONE offers custom-made designer products and planning. The services we offer include:

  • Advice and support in choosing the ideal materials for the type of design to be made.
  • Design in choosing the best product to respond to the client’s needs.
  • Technical design survey and drafting of specifications by a professional.
  • Executive design of special creations (by numerical control or waterjet systems).
  • Artistic works created by professionals.
  • Assistance in finding the best value product.
  • Organisation of transport and delivery logistics.
  • Final drawings for assembly.
  • Assistance or management of laying with qualified staff.
  • Supply of materials for laying, treatment and maintenance.

Thanks to its sales network which has been operating for a number of years in Italy and abroad, SENINI STONE products are enjoyed all over the world.

SENINI STONE products are 100% natural, living materials which “breathe”, providing well-being to those who live around them.

Our goal: your satisfaction.


We take complete care of the supply of materials for laying, treatment and maintenance.

The sound management of the entire production process, from selection of the blocks in the quarry to the care taken in creating products, allows to achieve the outstanding QUALITY of SENINI STONE products.

Thanks to the squared and rectified monocalibre tiles and the highly precise dimensions, laying systems with smaller joints are created, guaranteeing results which are aesthetically-pleasing and in line with modern trends.


Biocompatibility and eco-sustainability of marble, travertine and stone

The biocompatibility of a material is the extent to which it is in harmony with the environment. It characterises materials which, if released into the environment, do not harm it.
Natural materials are biocompatible par excellence.

The raw material is extracted from limestone, sandstone and/or crystalline stone quarries.

SENINI STONE uses materials for flooring and cladding made exclusively from calcium carbonate. Our products do not contain substances which are classed as harmful. They are stable and inalterable in time and do not emit compounds which damage the environment, animals or people.

Any processing residues are partly reused within the production cycle in products when possible, whilst the remainder is given to companies which salvage the material, using it entirely as raw materials for their production.

Our cycle of sawing and processing also uses a closed-cycle industrial water purification system with recycling of all of the clarified water, and a biological treatment plant which produces filter-pressed sludge which is relinquished together with the other processing residues.

Therefore flooring or cladding in natural stone is eco-sustainable as the material is recyclable or reusable. It does not become waste after use and so its presence in terms of pollution is sustained by the environment. In fact, it can bring the perfect harmony of nature into a building.



TIGRATO DOMUS opus 15 cm

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